This year in the month of November, Nutrivita Foods attended as an exhibitor at the World Food India (WFI) 2017 in New Delhi. By participating as an exhibitor to the World Food India 2017, organized by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries of India and the Confederation of Indian Industry, Nutrivita hopes to publicize its actions, and its commitment on the very important issues that cover treatment of malnutrition and affective responses. For our company, this was a great opportunity to showcase our innovative activities in the field of nutrition and put the fight against malnutrition at the heart of the agri-food approach. It was also the occasion to share our beliefs.

Established in 2010, with a factory based in Pune, State of Maharashtra, Nutrivita Foods is dedicated to the production of foods with high nutritional value: ready-to- use therapeutic foods (RUTF) and ready-to- use supplementary foods (RUSF). The ingredients in Nutrivita Foods products valorize local raw materials. Our production is currently exported, from Pune, to humanitarian and medical organizations operating in a dozen countries in Africa and Asia, like in Afghanistan or Bangladesh. We manufacture product brands developed by Nutriset, inventor of Plumpy’Nut®, the first RUTF. The contribution of Group Nutriset in the fight against malnutrition is widely recognized and acclaimed, building on over 30 years of active participation in scientific research projects and its capacity to develop nutritional solutions for vulnerable populations that support the scaling up of prevention or treatment programmes. In 2017, nearly 10 million children in the world benefited from its products, Nutrivita Foods also offers innovative solutions adapted to traditions and habits, and specifically designed to meet the needs of target populations such as children in school feeding programmes or pregnant and lactating women during pre and post-natal care.

Whilst growing Nutrivita Foods production capacity over the years, we have focused strongly on making sure that our products are manufactured following international quality standards, controls and best practices. Since 2010, Nutrivita is constantly developing its production capacity and has greatly improved its quality control system and good practices. Our operations are aligned with the Codex Alimentarius and ISO 22000 norms. Our quality assurance follows the HACCP approach (Hazard Analysis Control of Critical Points).

Nutrivita Foods is a member of PlumpyField®, an international network of food producers that produce the nutritional solutions developed by Nutriset closer to where the needs are in Africa, in Asia and in the Caribbean. Our participation to this independent network enables high-value synergy in terms of research, support to production, innovation and quality.

At Nutrivita, our beliefs are strong. The products that we manufacture have proved their effectiveness for thirty years and contribute, every day, to bring life-saving and prevention solutions to fight against malnutrition. Recognized by the World Health Organization, international organizations and many governments, the high nutritional value RUTF and RUSF are currently the most Appropriate food solution in the management of severe and moderate acute malnutrition that affects millions of children worldwide. By their ease of use, these products enable a community-based approach of care, and empower households by lifting the burden of difficult and often expensive hospitalizations for families affected by malnutrition.

Used over a defined period of time with guidance and supervision of a health provider, they allow for effective recovery. Therapeutic or preventive, our nutritional solutions are not a substitute to breastfeeding, traditional food or household culinary habits. Our products contribute to enhancing the nutritional status and growth of children and adults.

Nutrivita Foods focuses on the development, manufacturing and delivery of high quality, effective and recognized products. We design science-based solutions tailored to the medical needs of different populations, such as children or pregnant and lactating mothers. Our research and development factors in specific food habits and cultural practices of the communities we target. Our service to humanitarian and medical organizations, as well as institutional partners, supports the protocols and guidelines in vigor, as well as the existing administrative and logistical frameworks. At Nutrivita Foods, we pay close attention to the current debates on issues related to RUTF, as well as the actions undertaken in different States of the Indian Union on the use of such products. We believe that a dialogue must be established with all stakeholders.

Nutrivita hopes to communicate its actions, and its commitment on the very important issues that cover treatment and remediation of malnutrition and effective responses.